Update on the APSys workshop being held on 2nd and 3rd September

You may have seen media reports of very heavy rainfall in Mumbai and
disruptions caused by the rain due to flooding on roads and flight / train
delays. The APSys 2017 organizers have been discussing the potential impact of
this weather on the APSys workshop being held this weekend.

The current situation is as follows:

— Much of the flooding due to rain on 29th August Tuesday, occurred in South 
Mumbai and Eastern parts of Mumbai. The airport and the IIT Bombay campus 
are in the North- Western part of Mumbai. These areas were not impacted 
to a large extent.  
There were some flight delays on Tuesday but, as of Wednesday, flights are
operating normally.

- The roads between the airport and the IIT Bombay Campus and nearby hotels 
are also not impacted by any flooding.  Also, parts of the city that were
impacted have gotten back to normal as of Wednesday evening.

- The weather forecast indicates that much of the heavy rainfall is behind
us. The next few days call for light to moderate rain, which is normal for
the monsoon season in Mumbai and should not impact traffic, flights etc. 
Here is the local forecast from the Indian Met department:

Based on these factors, the organizing committee has decided to go ahead
with APSys 2017 as planned. You should expect a smooth journey coming in the
Mumbai and then to the workshop venue.  
Should you have a need, please contact the general chair, Puru  +91 9869043680,
with any urgent issues.

Please forward this email to your colleagues or co-authors who may be
attending the workshop this year.

- APSys 2017 Organizers.