Biswabandan Panda

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Member of faculty (a.k.a Assistant Professor @CSE-IITB)


Research interests: Computer Architecture for performance and security

Research group: CASPER research group and CSERL Lab


Openings@January 2023: One Mtech/MS. If you are interested please go through this note. If you are interested in my research area but you cannot resonate with the "note" then please do not join me for your M.S./Ph.D. as it will be a receipe for disaster.

August 2022: Invited to serve on the Program Committee (PC) for ISCA 2023. Consider submitting your best works.

July 2022: Avenger accepted at SEED 2022 .

July 2022: Munawira and Samiksha joined CASPER. Welcome.

July 2022: Berti, a timely and accurate L1 prefetcher accepted at the flagship MICRO 2022.

June 2022: Microarchitecture Research Wall.

May 2022: Golmaal covert channel attack accepted at DRAMSec@ISCA22.

May 2022: M.S./Ph.D. interviews on Computer Systems at the IIXs and the sorry state.

May 2022: Computer Architecture stories/poems (courtesy: students@CSE-IITB) .

Computer Architecture memes (Courtesy: students@CSE-IITB) .

April 2022: Sheetal and Ramya joined CASPER as interns funded by Google.

March 2022: Recipient of 2022 Qualcomm Faculty Award. Thanks Qualcomm.

December 2021: Thanks Google for ExploreCS Research award.

December 2021: Sumon, Veerendra, Tanu, and Hari, joined CASPER. Welcome.

December 2021: Talks at CAWS-2021 and FDP on Hardware Security.

Old news is here.