July 2022: Avenger accepted at SEED 2022 .

July 2022: Aman, Girish, and Prajeeth joined CASPER. Welcome.

July 2022: Berti, a timely and accurate L1 prefetcher accepted at the flagship MICRO 2022.

June 2022: Microarchitecture Research Wall.

May 2022: Golmaal covert channel attack accepted at DRAMSec@ISCA22.

May 2022: M.S./Ph.D. interviews on Computer Systems at the IIXs and the sorry state.

May 2022: Computer Architecture stories/poems (courtesy: students@CSE-IITB) .

Computer Architecture memes (Courtesy: students@CSE-IITB) .

April 2022: Sheetal and Ramya joined CASPER as interns funded by Google.

March 2022: Recipient of 2022 Qualcomm Faculty Award. Thanks Qualcomm.

December 2021: Thanks Google for ExploreCS Research award.

December 2021: Talks at CAWS-2021 and FDP on Hardware Security.

Old news is here.

November 2021: Thanks for the e-wall@CS305. Stories, poems, funny videos, and memes related to Computer Architecture are on the way.
Just say "NO" to Ph.D. in Computer Systems is here.

October 2021: Tarun Solanki wins SRC (graduate category) at MICRO 2021.
DeepDetect: A Practical On-device Android Malware Detector, accepted at IEEE QRS 2021.

September 2021: Energy efficient prefetching accepted at IEEE CAL.
Empirical evaluation of architectural primitives for NVRAM consistency accepted at HiPC 2021.
DAMARU, a DOS on randomized caches, accepted at IEEE CAL.
DNN reverse enginnering through hardware performance counters accepted at AIMLSYS.

July 2021: I will be teaching CS305+CS341 in Autumn 2021.

May 2021: Joined CSE@IIT Bombay on May 3, 2021. CASPER@CSE-IITB is live.

April 2021: Au revoir IITK. Thanks for a wonderful learning experience. Thanks to my mentees for a bouquet and a musical .

Feb. 2021: Talk at IITM: "Wanna Be a Prof @IIX"