Biswabandan Panda

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Member of faculty@CSE Department

alt textn (Indian) Institute of Technology Bombay


Research group: CASPER research group and Trust Lab

Brief Bio

Brief Bio: A mortal who is excited about microarchitecture and in general computer architecture research. A micro-architect does all the heavy lifting to squeeze out the best performance out of applications running on computing systems. Biswa's well-known microscopic contributions are the state-of-the-art high performing cache compressors and multi-level hardware data prefetchers. Biswa is one of the recipients of Qualcomm Faculty Award 2022 and Google India Research Award 2022.

Research interests: As a mortal I only know a little about computer architecture and its interactions with compiler/OS/network for performance and security. I know nothing about other "fancy/non-fancy" and "hot/cold" areas :)

Research Philosophy: Motivated by this quote on Cricket "Play Life like a Cricket match. Don’t try to hit hard in every situation, Just keep rotating, moving, and then look for that one Delivery and hit it as hard as you can."
Replace "life" with "research", "delivery" with "idea", and "hit as hard as you can" with "the impact".


Thanks to all the gurus who taught me the value of hardwork, failure, and inculcated the habit of striving for excellence. Thanks to students@IITK/IITB for some of the best "teaching/learning" moments. Thanks to Intel labs, Qualcomm, NXP, and Google Research for all the "financial" support.


[Research Interests] Computer Architecture for performance and security. Please see publications and CASPER group page for specific topics. Talk to Shubham@CASPER if you want to attend a bit rigorous weekly paper reading/presentation sessions.

[MS/PhD Openings@Dec. 2023] One Ph.D. on microarchitecture security.

November 2023: CS230-wrap with Shraddha, Sadhana, and Saahas (see the RHS of the pic) :). Thanks Kavya for the pic :)

November 2023: CLIP (MICRO'23) is in top chips achievements. Cool to be in the list :)

November 2023: Recipient of Professor Krithi Ramamritham Award for creative research in the field of Computer Architecture.

October 2023: On my way to MICRO 2023@Toronto. Email responses will be tardy, till November 3.

October 2023: Hari's paper accepted at HiPC 2023. Arun's paper accepted at the flagship HPCA 2024 . #Proud advisor moment :)

October 2023: CASPER@ IND vs PAK CWC.

October 2023: CSE spotlight .

October 2023: Invited to serve on the Program Committee (PC) for ISCA 2024 . Consider submitting your best works.

August 2023: Drishyam accepted at the top-tier PACT 2023. Prerna, Nishkarsh, Naman, Vedant, and Ravi joined the group for MS by Research and PhD. Welcome.

July 2023: CLIP accepted at the flagship MICRO 2023.

July 2023: Back in Mumbai. CS683 course page is up

May 2023: In Europe till June 30, 2023. Email responses will be a bit tardy.

April 2023: BISHWAA+CS230+Architecture+Parody :) Thanks Param Shah and team !!

April 2023: Last day at CS230. Thanks Students and the TAs. The Class selfie is here :)

April 2023: Talk at IIT Madras as part of Alum@Alma Talk series . Slides and Video .

March 2023: Adwait Jog visits CASPER. Talk on GPU security and reliability and group lunch .

March 2023: CASPER@Wankhede for IND vs AUS cricket match :)

February 2023: Invited to serve on the Program Committee (PC) for RAID 2023 . Consider submitting your best works.

December 2022: Saurabh defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Dr. Saurabh. Time for a postdoc :) Thesis is here.

November 2022: Recipient of Google India Research Award. Thanks Google Research.

August 2022: Invited to serve on the Program Committee (PC) for ISCA 2023 . Consider submitting your best works.
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