TD 463 Development Engineering

2018 Edition

  • Lecture Plan (2017)
  • Partial Course Notes

    What is the course about?

  • Lecture 1 . Organization of the course. The Engineer as a Development Professional. Jobs and job description. The Case-Study and other methods of Development Engineering. pdf

    Who is an engineer?

  • Lecture 2. Science and Engineering and the importance of change. What does society need and what does it value. How is engineering a profession. How is engineering delivered. pdf

    What is development?

  • Lecture 3. Various definitions of development. Development as the non-tragic. Development indices. Development data-sets. pdf
  • Lecture 4. Sustainability. Mathematical Models. pdf

    Studying the Community.

  • Lecture 5. The household and the community. pdf
  • Field Visit. August 4th, 2018. Sapgaon: Anganwadi, Water Supply Scheme, School. Shahapur: Shahapur Bus Depot.
  • Village Report. Mendhi, Sinnar (Nashik). pdf
  • Village Report. Jharadabar, Meghnagar (Jhabua). pdf

  • The Structure of Society.

  • Lecture 6. Agents and the Web of Society. pdf
  • Lecture 7. Market and the State. pdf
  • Reading a GR.
  • Jalyukta Shivar. pdf
  • Unnat Maharashtra Abhiyan. pdf
  • The Monitoring and Evaluation of Water Supply Schemes GR of GoM pdf.
  • Lecture 8. Assets, Environment and Civil Society. pdf
  • Lecture 9. Wrapping Up.

    A Development Service.

  • Lecture 10. A framework to study a development service. pdf

    Reports and Case Studies

  • The Karjat Taluka Public Transport Analysis.
  • The Dharwad City Bus System Analysis, and the route maps as an html link.
  • The Tadwadi-Morewadi SVS report .
  • The Sapgaon Piped Water Supply Assessment report pdf.
  • Pooja Prasad on the sustainability of Farm Ponds, paper and presentation.

    Datasets, Maps and Handouts

  • The Household Consumption Report (NSSO), 2011-12 pdf.
  • QGIS Manual and Data rar file.
  • Thane census data Part (2001).
  • Thane census data Part I (2011).
  • Thane census data Part II (2011) with column headers.
  • Thane census data Part II (2001).
  • Census Metadata (2001).
  • The Why and How of TDSL link.

    Higher Education, Engineering and Development.

  • Engineer as a Development Agent .
  • Development and Higher Education .
  • The MA Sociology curricula of Delhi University. pdf.
  • Technology Design As If Development Mattered, by Prof. A. W. Date, pdf .
  • Understanding Appropriate Technology, by Prof. A. W. Date, pdf .
  • Energy Utilization Pattern of Shilarwadi, by Prof. A. W. Date, pdf .

    Reference material

    Development Indices
  • The Human Development Index link, and the 2016 report: link .
  • The OECD Better Life Index. link.
  • The Millenium Development Goals. link.
  • The Sustainable Development Goals. link, and the monitoring and metric framework. link.