Case-Study Based Research in Public Transport


ACM-India Keynote Talk on Public Transport- Abstract link and Talk link, 13th February, 2021.


  • Analysis of public transport as a Development Service, by Sudhanshu Kulkarni, M.Tech. thesis, report and presentation link.
  • Presentation made to Mr. Ranjit Deol, IAS, VC, MSRTC, 19th July 2019. link.
  • Non-disclosure agreement July 2019. link and IITB-MSRTC MoU link


  • IIT Dharwad CSE students map Dharwad city bus routes. link. And Charu Agrawal cleans up the data link., makes an Applet, writes a report link, makes a presentation at IIT Goa (10th April, 2018) link.