Sridhar Iyer

Inter-disciplinary Program in Educational Technology &
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai - 400 076 
Tel: (+91-22) 2576-7901 / 7905
Fax: (+91-22) 2572-0022 
e-mail: sri [AT]
Career Outline: 
B.Tech (CSE, IIT Bombay): 1985 - 1989 
M.Tech (CSE, IIT Bombay): 1989 - 1991 
Grad Student (PennState): 1991 - 1992 
Ph.D (IIT Bombay): 1992 - 1997 
Lecturer (IIT Guwahati): 1997 - 1998 
Asst Professor (IIT Guwahati): 1998 - 1999 
Asst Professor (IIT Bombay): 1999 - 2003 
Asc Professor (IIT Bombay): 2003 - 2014 
Professor (IIT Bombay): 2014 - date 

(Anandamayi Chaitanyamayi Satyamayi Parame)

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I am on deputation to IDP in Educational Technology from 2016-2021.
Teaching Courses:
Jan-April 2016: ET 601Tx: Educational Technology for Engineering Teachers.
(Jan-April 2016) ET 805: Adaptive tutoring systems, (Jan-April 2015) ET 807: Educational game design.
(Jan-April 2014, 2013) CS101: Computer Programming.

Research Interests: My current area of work is in the field of Educational Technology. See my Students page and Publications, for details.

  • TELoTS: Technology Enhanced Learning of Thinking Skills. Environments for teaching-learning of thinking skills that are applicable across multiple disciplines.
  • TUET: Teacher Use of Educatioanl Technologies. Pedagogies for effective use of educational technologies in classroom and online environments.
  • Development of ICT tools for educational applications, in the Indian context. The emphasis is on developing software to solve specific problems.
  • Computer science education research.

  • Previously [2000-2015], I have worked in various aspects of Networking, with the SynerG Group at the Dept of CSE, IIT Bombay.
    Even earlier, I worked with CFDVS and did my PhD in program analysis.

    Major Development Projects:
  • Educational Technology: Resources for ET researchers and Engineering teachers.
    Templates on Planning conducting and reporting studies (for ET researchers) and Implementing Active learning strategies (for Instructors).
    Course videos on Research Methods in Educational Technology and Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education.

  • Computer Masti: A Series of eBooks (levels 1-8), for teaching Computer Science in Schools.
    This work started in 2006 and was released for free download under the Creative Commons license.
    In 2009, it evolved into a company InOpen Technologies, incubated by SINE-IIT Bombay. In 2016, InOpen was acquired by Next Education.
    See Computer Masti Animation Movie, a brief [~4 minutes] introduction to the product, and Computer Masti Video, a brief [~7 minutes] description of our efforts.
    Google Analytics Statistics [2009 to 2016]: Approx 77,000 page views, 25% returning visitors, from 140 countries.
  • Project OSCAR: Interactive visualizations for teaching various subjects.
    This work started in 2004. In 2009, it became part of the National Mission on Education through ICT, funded by MHRD.
    The repository has 457 Interactive Learning Objects (320 for higher education + 137 for schools), available for download in 2014.
    Google Analytics Statistics [2006 to 2016]: Approx 70,000 page views, 45% returning visitors, from 120 countries.
  • WiFiRe: WiFi-based system for long-range broadband wireless connectivity for rural India.
    This work was carried out during 2005-2008, as part of the Center for Excellence in Wireless Technology (CEWiT).

  • See my R&D Projects page for details of previous projects.

    For Students:
  • IIT Bombay students: I have moved from Networking to Educational Technology, so please dont approach me for networking topics. For 2016-2019, I am on deputation from Dept of CSE to IDP in Educational Technology. So I wont be offering any specific seminar/project to BTech/MTech students in CSE. If you are still interested, see the recent topics in my Students page, get an idea of current research directions, come up with some ideas of your own, and then email me.
  • External Students: I get a lot of 'project request' mail. It is not possible for me to respond to everyone, especially if your request is of the generic type 'doing a project in your field of research'. If you have a specific Research Proposal in the areas of Educational Technology mentioned above, then I am likely to respond.
  • General: Here are some of my Talks/Tutorials on various topics that might be useful to students.

  • Miscellaneous:
  • Short biography: Use this if I am a speaker at your event.
  • Jantar-Mantar articles: Here are some fun-oriented articles on networking concepts, written for a children's science magazine.
  • Timbaktu Wireless: Video of some of my students doing practical work in rural wireless connectivity.
  • Consultancy: Information on ongoing/past consultancy projects and honorary activities.
  • SSRVM: (June 2006 - June 2012) Managing Committee of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Mulund, Mumbai.
  • Personal: Some personal information from my student days.
  • Previous Courses:

    CS 101: Computer Programming and Utilization CS 213(m): Data Structures and Algorithms CS 152: Abstractions and Paradigms of Programming
    CS 716: Introduction to Communication Networks IT-605: Distributed Systems IT-641: Advanced Internet Technologies
    CS 348: Computer Networks IT-601: Mobile Computing [also IT-644] IT-612: Wireless Networking and Applications
    IT-619: Foundations Lab Operating Systems; Compilers

    Last Updated: June 2016