Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions related to coverage

    Q:   Is your workshop going to focus exclusively on machine description ?
    Ans:  No, this workshop will have a balanced coverage, not restricted to Machine Descriptions in particular.

    Q:   Will there be some hands-on session in the workshop ?
    Ans:  Hands on experiments are the main activities in the workshop. We will have about 15 Teaching Assistants who would have done all the assignments. So each one of the participants will get a lot of personal attention.

  • Questions related to the background required for attending the workshop

    Q:   What is the prerequisite for participation? In other words, is any prior knowledge of GCC internals required to attend the workshop?
    Ans:  Previous knowledge of GCC internals is not required. However, one needs to be very clear and comfortable with the design of a compiler. Having done a UG course on compilers, well, should be enough. For more details please visit the workshop registration page .
    See the section on "Relevant Skills".

    Q:   In the registration page (Relevant Skills) section, Assembly language has been listed as a specific skill. Do we need to know the instruction set of any machine in particular?
    Ans:  We expect you to know the instruction set architecture as supported by the SPIM simulator sufficient for writing assembly programs. You should have also used the simulator for executing assembly programs. You need not know other details of MIPS architecture or the internal details of the simulator. Useful starting points could be the SPIM home page and a guide to the SPIM simulator.

    Q:   Can you give any specific suggestions for reading material or exercises for building the background required for understanding the material covered in the workshop?
    Ans:  We have identified some homework excerises to be done before the participants arrive for the workshop.

  • Questions related to registration, payment of fees, selection etc.

    Q:   When should I send the DD after registration ?
    Ans:  Upon successful registration, you will get an email at your specified email address, with a Registration id and Password. You should then login to the workshop website using your Email address and Password (sent via email) and this will confirm your "candidacy" for participation. The first list of selected candidates will be published by 25 May 2009 and a separate "selection notification email" will be sent to the selected candidates only. Upon receiving this email, you can start sending your DDs, and you will be confirmed once we receive it. The second list of selected candidates will be published by 11th June. For details refer to the workshop registration page .

    Q:   I do not work in a private company. I work in a government research organisation. Which category should I choose during registration ?
    Ans:  "Other"

    Q:   I have been wait-listed. Do I send payment right now?
    Ans:  No

    Q:   I have been wait-listed. Will I be intimated if I am selected?
    Ans:  Yes

    Q:   When I registered, I did not ask for accomodation. Can I request accomodation now?
    Ans:  Yes, you can. Please send a mail to us as soon as possible. Subject to availability, accomodation will be provided to you on payment of the difference Rs. 1000/-. This payment will have to be made through a Demand Draft in the name of "The Registrar, IIT Bombay".

    Q:   When I registered, I had requested ask for accomodation. Now I don't need it. Can I be refunded Rs. 1000/-?
    Ans:  Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund the amount once it is deposited. If you have not sent your demand draft yet, it is possible to change your status and you can send a demand draft for the lower amount.

    Q:   How many candidates will be selected for the workshop?
    Ans:  We expect to be able to accomodate approximately 65 candidates (including IITB candidates). The restriction on the number comes mainly because of the feasibility of conducting meaningful laboratory sessions in terms of providing personal help.

    Q:   Will I get a receipt for the registration fees?
    Ans:  Yes, you will get a receipt from IIT Bombay along with the certificate of exemption of income tax. The receipt can be collected during the workshop.

  • Questions related to actual conduct of the workshop.

    Q:   On 5th July, by what time will the workshop end ?
    Ans:  Could be 5:30 p.m. on 5th July.

    Q:   What are the workshop timings on 3, 4, and 5?
    Ans:  We begin at 9:30 every day. The evenings are free but the participants can continue to work on their laboratory exercises. Teaching assistants will be available from 9:30 in the morning until 10:00 in the night.