Recent Updates

27 July 2009 : The solutions for lab exercises has been uploaded.

28 June 2009 : We have been able to arrange accomodation for all the participants. By 30 June, you will receive a detailed email about where to reach and whom to contact for availing accomodation.

25 June 2009 : Detailed schedule of the workshop is now available.

11 June 2009 : We have identified some homework exercises to be done before the participants arrive for the workshop.

11 June 2009 : The second list of selected candidates has been announced. Please visit the short-list page.

10 June 2009 : Registration is closed. Second list of selected participants will be put up tomorrow.

8 June 2009 : Many short-listed participants have not sent in their demand drafts yet. We intend to move them to wait-list and include other candidates in the selection list.

26 May 2009 : More questions have been added to the FAQ and it has been reorganized by categorizing the questions.

26 May 2009 : The first list of selected candidates has been declared.

25 May 2009 : The first list of short listed candidates will be put up tomorrow (26 May 2009). In case your name is present in the list and our email does not reach you by 28 May 2009, please contact us.

21 May 2009 : The number of external registrants for the workshop has crossed 50!

16th May 2009 : FAQ page has been updated. Please visit FAQ Page.

4th May 2009 : Topics to be covered have been listed. Please visit Coverage Page.

3rd May 2009 : Registration page has been enabled. Please visit Registration Page

24th April 2009 : Home page for Essential Abstractions in GCC '09 ready. Please visit Home Page.