Many candidates have requested some advice about background preparation. We have identified some specific exercises that you should do. If you cannot do these exercises, you may find it difficult to keep up with the pace of the proceedings in the workshop.

Selected Candidates  

This list contains the names of the candidates whose participation has been confirmed. All those who have requested accomodation will be provided accomodation.

1 CV0023 D.Ravi Kumar AMD India Development Centre
2 CV0025 R. Leela Velusamy National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
3 CV0027 Srivatsan Raghavan Synopsys India
4 CV0028 Chandra Kumar R Acme Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
5 CV0029 Dr. S. MARY SAIRA BHANU National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
6 CV0032 Venkataramanan.K Acme Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
7 CV0033 Dinesh Gurumurthy Morgan Stanley
8 CV0035 Subhajit Roy Indian Institute of Science
9 CV0036 Rakesh UV Bombardier
10 CV0037 Apoorv Khurasia Morgan Stanley
11 CV0038 Prashantha N R HP
12 CV0039 Ankur Jain Bombardier Transportation India Ltd.
13 CV0041 Meena Bansal Acme Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
14 CV0042 Deepti Sharma Acme Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Noida
15 CV0043 Piyush Kumar Singh Morgan Stanley
16 CV0048 Gina Verlekar KPITCummins Infosystems Limited
17 CV0049 Cecilia Melvina Rodrigues KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd
18 CV0055 Saurabh Sharda Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd
19 CV0056 Sachin Tiwari NPCIL, Mumbai
20 CV0057 Navneet Kataria Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
21 CV0059 JACOB K PHILIP Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
22 CV0061 Shobhana Kosta Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Limited
23 CV0062 Mrs. Charusheela Anil Harer Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.
24 CV0063 Anupama B Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
25 CV0064 Suma Sharma KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd, Pune
26 CV0065 Kaushik M Phatak KPIT Cummins
27 CV0066 Pooja S. Tatti KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd. Pune
28 CV0067 Ina Rajan Pandit KPIT Cummins Infosystems limited
29 CV0072 Ankur Deshwal IIT Kanpur
30 CV0073 Swarnendu Biswas IIT Kharagpur
31 CV0078 Jubi University College Of Engineering,Punjabi Universiy,Patiala,Punjab
32 CV0079 Lalit Kumar Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
33 CV0080 Chandra Sekhar Katuri Nxp Semiconductors
34 CV0083 Shivamurthy P M Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering
35 CV0086 anand Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering
36 CV0089 Vidya L Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
37 CV0092 Ushma Sahu KPIT Cummins
39 CV0084 Siddharth Priya Google Online Pvt. Ltd.
40 CV0088 Nisha S Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
41 CV0100 Ashish Kumar Gupta Hitkarini college of Engineering & Technology, Jabalpur(M.P.)
42 CV0101 Amit Kumar Chandanan H C E T ,Jabalpur(MP)
43 CV0105 Arun R Indian Institute of Science
45 CV0115 Deepak Majeti IIT- Kanpur
46 CV0116 Mrs. Chhaya S. Gosavi Cummins College of Engineering For Women, Karvenagar
47 CV0118 VIDYA PRAVEEN Hewlett Packard India Software Operations
48 CV0122 PVR Murthy Siemens Corporate Technology
49 CV0124 Deepti Vasantkumar Vidyarthi IIT Kanpur
50 CV0126 Jaikishan S. Khatwani SVCE Indore
51 CV0127 Himanshu Kumar Singh Siemens
52 CV0129 Sampada Kaji Selec Controls Pvt Ltd
53 CV0130 Priti Desai Selec Controls Pvt Ltd
54 CV0131 Raksha Mangal Selec Controls Pvt Ltd
55 CV0132 Manisha Khanna Selec Controls Pvt Ltd
56 CV0134 Osric Xavier Fernandes Merce Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
57 CV0135 Prashant Keshvani Merce Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
58 CV0136 Vaibhav Bhatkar Merce Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
59 CV0137 Hemant Soni Merce Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

IIT Bombay Students 

  • This list contains the names of the students from IIT Bombay who have been provided full registration with waiver of registration fee.

    1 CV0044 Harshada Gune IIT Bombay
    2 CV0045 Somil Bhandari IIT Bombay
    3 CV0046 DEBRAJ MANNA IIT Bombay
    4 CV0047 Anup Kulkarni IIT Bombay
    5 CV0060 Lokendra Kumar Singh IIT Bombay

  • This list contains the names of the students from IIT Bombay who have been provided partial registration. This enables them to attend the lectures only. There is no registration fee for these candidates too. If there are any drop-outs at the last moment, we will be happy to support full registration to students from this list.

    6 CV0076 Prashant Borole IIT Bombay
    7 CV0074 Debojyoti Chakraborty IIT Bombay
    8 CV0077 Anil Kumar Swain IIT Bombay
    9 CV0087 Ashish Chiplunkar IIT Bombay
    10 CV0094 Sandeep Mukherjee IIT Bombay
    11 CV0098 Vaibhao Tatte IIT Bombay
    12 CV0104 G sri krishna IIT Bombay
    13 CV0117 Sandhya Rani.A IIT Bombay
    14 CV0119 Sunil Kumar IIT Bombay
    15 CV0121 Ambika Agarwal IIT Bombay
    16 CV0123 Mahendra V. Chavan IIT Bombay
    17 Adil Anis Sandalwala IIT Bombay
    18 Rakesh Pimplikar IIT Bombay
    19 Saurabh Sohoney IIT Bombay