Three days with the Indian Army

It is quite happening to pursue PhD at IITB. Here is an example. In the capacity of a research assistant I work on several projects with my PhD advisor, Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan. One of the projects, SurakshaVyuha is about detecting certain events of interest in real-time from the live feeds coming from surveillance cameras. To demonstrate the prototype developed and to further understand the requirements from the horse’s mouth, I and my advisor went to an army location near the LoC (yes, the LoC!). This was in December 2016.

It was my first experience (and I must say only one of its kind) to stay in one of the brigade head quarters getting to interact with the officers as well as jawans posted there. I was really impressed with their hospitality. Their discipline, their comradry, their organization, their endurance, and above all, their spirit - all par excellence. Came back with a lot of respect for our army in my heart than ever before. Jai Hind!!


Vishal Kaushal
Research Scholar | ML Consultant


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