COMAD 2009 Conference, Mysore                                                                                   



Areas of Interest

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

o   Benchmarking and performance evaluation

o   Data exchange and integration

o   Data quality, cleaning and lineage

o   Database monitoring and tuning

o   Data privacy and security

o   Data warehousing

o   Data mining: foundations and algorithms

o   Mining text, Web, and semi-structured data

o   Security and privacy in data mining

o   Innovative applications of data mining

o   Embedded, sensor, mobile databases and applications

o   Managing uncertain, imprecise and inconsistent information

o   Metadata management

o   Multilingual data management

o   Multimedia data management and mining

o   Novel Data Types

o   Parallel and distributed databases

o   Peer-to-peer data management

o   Personalized information systems

o   Query processing and optimization

o   Replication, caching, and publish-subscribe systems

o   Information retrieval: Formal models and algorithms

o   IR in text, structured and semi-structured data

o   Privacy issues in IR

o   IR applications: Web search, enterprise search, collaborative filtering, Genomics

o   Text search and database querying

o   Semi-structured data

o   Social Networks

o   Storage and transaction management

o   Web services



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