Abhiram G. Ranade

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai 400076, India
Telephone: (+91-22) 2576-7901; (+91-22) 2576-7702 (CSE Dept.)
Fax: (+91-22) 2572 0290 (CSE dept.); (+91-22) 2572-3480 (Institute)
E-mail: ranade [AT] cse.iitb.ac.in

Research interests:

    Algorithms. Combinatorial Optimization.


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Recent Papers:

  1. A new two-stage heuristic for the recreational vehicle scheduling problem Computers & Operations Research, March 2018.
  2. Train Scheduling on a Unidirectional Path. In FSTTCS 2017.
  3. Branch & Bound Global-Search Algorithm for Aircraft Ground Movement Optimization Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, June 2017. Earlier version in Aviation 2014.
  4. A Linear Programming Based Iterative Heuristic for the Recreational Vehicle Scheduling problem In IEEM 2016.
  5. Introductory Programming: Let Us Cut through the Clutter! In ITiCSE 2016.
  6. Fragmented coloring of proper interval and split graphs Discrete Applied Mathematics, October 2015.
  7. Single track train scheduling In MISTA 2015.
  8. DrawCAD: Mouse-sketch-based engineering drawing In APCHI 2013.
  9. Scheduling light-trails on WDM rings Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, October 2012.
  10. An Improved Maximum Likelihood Formulation for Genome Assembly. In ICCABS 2011.
  11. Precedence Constrained Scheduling in (2-7/3p+1)*Optimal. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, November 2008.
  12. Exact Train Pathing. Journal of Scheduling, August 2008.
  13. A Variation on SVD Based Image Compression. Image and Vision Computing, June 2007.
  14. Mumbai Navigator. Indian Journal of Transport Management, Jan-March 2005.
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