Abhiram G. Ranade

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai 400076, India
Telephone: (+91-22) 2576-7901; (+91-22) 2576-7702 (CSE Dept.)
Fax: (+91-22) 2572 0290 (CSE dept.); (+91-22) 2572-3480 (Institute)
E-mail: ranade [AT] cse.iitb.ac.in

Research interests:

    Algorithms. Combinatorial Optimization.


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Recent Papers:

  1. Complexity, bounds and dynamic programming algorithms for single track train scheduling Annals of Operations Research, February 2019. Earlier version in MISTA 2015.
  2. A new formulation and a column generation-based heuristic for the multiple depot vehicle scheduling problem Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, December 2018.
  3. A new two-stage heuristic for the recreational vehicle scheduling problem Computers & Operations Research, March 2018.
  4. Train Scheduling on a Unidirectional Path. In FSTTCS 2017.
  5. Branch & Bound Global-Search Algorithm for Aircraft Ground Movement Optimization Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, June 2017. Earlier version in Aviation 2014.
  6. A Linear Programming Based Iterative Heuristic for the Recreational Vehicle Scheduling problem In IEEM 2016.
  7. Introductory Programming: Let Us Cut through the Clutter! In ITiCSE 2016.
  8. Fragmented coloring of proper interval and split graphs Discrete Applied Mathematics, October 2015.
  9. DrawCAD: Mouse-sketch-based engineering drawing In APCHI 2013.
  10. Scheduling light-trails on WDM rings Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, October 2012.
  11. An Improved Maximum Likelihood Formulation for Genome Assembly. In ICCABS 2011.
Miscellaneous tutorials/lecture notes

The Shikav Project

    Some electronic lessons on various topics.

General Instructions:

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I am on a sabbatical this year but am offering Online courses on introductory programming and how to teach introductory programming using the Swayam/NPTEL platform.