Uday Khedker

  (Many documents spell my name as Khedkar)
Professor Department of Computer Science & Engg., IIT Bombay
Formerly, Reader, Department of Computer Science, University of Pune
For those who want to do a summer/ winter project with me

My book on data flow analysis
A review of the book
Indian reprint is also available
Data Flow Analysis: Theory and

General Information
Selected Talks
Teaching (Courses, Seminars, Student Projects etc.)
Research (Area, Group Members, Publications, Current Topics etc.)
Publications and other technical writing
External Interaction (projects, trainings etc.)
Contact, Academic Background, Professional Interests, and Other Activities
Resume in postscript, and pdf versions
Implementation of  VASCO: Interprocedural analysis using value sensitive contexts for Java
Implementation of Liveness Based Pointer Analysis in GCC 4.6.0
GCC Resource Center
One week workshop on Compiler Construction with Introduction to GCC
Some Useful Reading Material and latex resources
Reaching IIT Bombay

Liveness based pointer Analysis
Efficient call strings method for flow and context sensitive intperocedural data flow analysis
Other talks on Data Flow Analysis
Talks on GCC
What is Research?
How to Write a Good Paper?
How to Make Good Presentations?
Early History of Fortran: The Making of a Wonder. A video of the talk at Persistent Systems
CompuCast interview on liveness analysis and introductory video clip on YouTube

Academic Background
Professional Interests
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