The Eighth Indian Conference on
Vision, Graphics and Image Processing

16th to 19th December, 2012

About Mumbai

As you all know, you are coming to the most happening cities in India. Mumbai represents Power, Energy, Cosmopolitan, Bollywood, Fashion and Commerce in India. There is so much to see and do in Mumbai, right from monument hopping to strolling on the beaches, eating local food to meeting Bollywood stars; Mumbai has something fascinating for everyone -- be it a top-notch businessman, a pleasure seeker or a student on a research project. There is a lot to explore, and you might want to explore it all before you leave. So here's a short overview of Mumbai and some links to know more about it.

The city of Mumbai (or Bombay as it was formerly known) is the nerve-centre of India. It is where the nation's heart beats and it is literally where the rubber meets the road. This city - a group of seven islands - shaped like a sausage stretches from the South to North. Being the financial-cum-commercial capital of India, the city is home to some of India's largest corporate houses for many years. The Central Business District situated in the South is known as Nariman Point. The real estate prices in this area are known to be the highest in Asia. This has led to most of the residential areas in the south being converted into corporate offices and the residents shifting their bases to the mushrooming residential complexes in the North.

As the capital city of the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai is politically one of the most important cities in western India. The people in this part of the country speak Maratha but like a true cosmopolitan city, Mumbai is a fine melting pot where you will find people from different parts of India living in harmony in spite of the difference in language, dress codes and food habits. English is understood and spoken by a large number of people. It will not be very difficult, therefore, to over come this problem of communication.

Mumbai is a ticking city since every one lives by the clock. The city might seem chaotic to the outsider but there is method in the madness. It is known as much for its energy and vigor as it is famous for being the busiest and economically prosperous city.

Once upon a time Mumbai was the gateway to India; today it is also the gateway to stardom. The city has a multi-million dollar film-making industry. Though popularly referred to as Bollywood, it is a legend by itself and has achieved the status of an industry.

By the virtue of being a multicultural society, there is a festive atmosphere all year round. The festivals in Mumbai are more a reason to celebrate life rather than holding much of a religious significance. This is evident in the participation of all those who wish to celebrate irrespective of caste, creed or religion. These festivals bring the various colours of life to the fore and create a bond of humanity and brotherhood among the people of Mumbai.

So if you love life and have a zest to live life the way it should be, do come to Mumbai, she is wonderful to be with. Even if you do not have the time to spend your life with her, you sure will enjoy spending a pleasant evening with her.

Quick facts about Aamchi Mumbai:

  • Language Spoken: Mumbaiyya (Marathi mixed Hindi)
  • Staple Food: Vada-pav
  • Staple Drink: Cutting (Tea)
  • A confluence of many varied cultures of the country – a mini India in the true sense
  • Where two people tend to speak Mumbaiyya with each other, instead of native language
  • Where there is always scope for adjusting one more commuter continuously even in a jam-packed local, defying the laws of mass & volume
  • Where your driving skill ought to achieve a precision of 0.5mm (bumper-to-bumper) with 0% tolerance, even while manouvering around a pothole
  • Where you need to be skilled in jumping off/on a bus/train few secs before it stops, if you happen to be in the first row near the door while alighting/boarding a bus/train
  • Where 8 people can share a 6ftx6ft kholi & can still make space for more
  • Where you don't need your own vehicle to commute from one end of the city to another at any time (thanks to the nearly 24hr coverage of BEST buses, Locals, black-n-yellow metered rides)