The Eighth Indian Conference on
Vision, Graphics and Image Processing

16th to 19th December, 2012

Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Camera Ready Papers

We provide the main steps, as well as detailed instructions for preparing the final manuscript. Please read this entire page CAREFULLY.

Main Steps
  • Use the LaTeX package (see below) to create the final camera-ready manuscript.

  • Use a proper tool to convert to a PDF document that has only scalable fonts with all fonts embedded. Be particularly careful of fonts in figures and images.

  • Rename the resulting file name as FirstAuthorLastName.PaperId.pdf (e.g., if the first author name is Tim Sharma and the paper ID is 21, then the file name should be Sharma.21.pdf)

  • Upload to the ICVGIP 2012 CMT portal.

  • Wait for final confirmation (around November 8, 2012 ) from the organizers that "All is Well."

Detailed Instructions
  • The camera ready paper must be submitted by October 31, 2012, 23:59 GMT at the authors' console by logging into the ICVGIP 2012 CMT portal. Do not delete any previously submitted material.

  • To prepare the final manuscript, download the latex package from here. The package includes an example pdf file containing formatting and copyright tag instructions. The camera-ready manuscript must be submitted in pdf format only. Please verify that the copyright number at the bottom of the first page of the final pdf is 978-1-4503-1660-6/12/12.

  • The camera-ready paper should include the authors' names, their affiliations, and contact details at the beginning of the paper, as shown in the style file. You may also refer to self-citations in the first person, and include acknowledgements, if any.

  • The title of the paper must not be changed for the camera ready version, unless it is to correct some typographical errors, or the change is suggested in the review process. Any change must also be reflected in the relevant CMT paper submission text record that was created when the paper ID was generated.

  • The corresponding author should be indicated by an asterisk (*). In the provided template, the first author is indicated as the corresponding author. If the first author is not the corresponding author, please place the asterisk appropriately.

  • The reviewers and area chairs have taken a lot of effort to review each paper. Their suggestions should be taken into account while preparing the camera-ready paper.

  • The final manuscript should not exceed 8 pages in length. If you wish to submit new supplementary material, you can do so along with the camera-ready submission at the CMT portal. The supplementary material should be in pdf, zip or tar.gz formats. The total size including the camera-ready file and supplementary should be under 30MB. If you do submit two items, one is the camera ready pdf and the other is the supplementary material zip/tgz

  • The camera-ready pdf file must have all fonts embedded. Only Type 1, Type 1C or TrueType fonts (scalable) should be used. Do not use Type 3 (bit-mapped) fonts. Bit mapped fonts are NOT ok even if they are embedded. The latex package which is provided contains a pdflatex version and an eps version, and you can use either of them.

    We recommend using the pdflatexVersion template for creating the latex file, as it automatically embeds desired fonts. A Makefile has been provided for authors. However, if you wish to use epsVersion template, on UNIX command line use the Makefile provided in the epsVersion folder in the package by changing the filenames appropriately, to create the pdf.

    Authors using software other than the TeX/LaTeX system should match the pdf generated in keeping with ACM guidelines available on their web page.

  • After creating the pdf file, you must check if all fonts are embedded and are only Type 1, Type 1C or TrueType. To verify, (i) In Acrobat reader use 'File' - 'Document Properties' and click on the 'Font' tab. Make sure that all the fonts that are listed have embedded subset written next to them and have type label as Type 1/Type 1C/TrueType. (ii) From a UNIX command-line, execute pdffonts .pdf. This will list the type and information of all the fonts which are used in the document. Everything should be Type 1/Type 1C/TrueType and "emb" should be "yes".

  • The final camera-ready pdf file should be named as FirstAuthorLastName.PaperId.pdf.

  • ACM will contact the corresponding author directly (if not already done) regarding the copyright form (mandatory for publication).

  • Authors should check if the camera-ready paper is uploaded correctly at the CMT portal (ideally, download after upload).

  • As always, if you have any questions, please contact icvgip12@cse.iitb.ac.in