The Eighth Indian Conference on
Vision, Graphics and Image Processing

16th to 19th December, 2012

Submission Instructions

Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length original research papers. The conference proceedings will be published in the digital archives of ACM. The authors can also submit supplementary materials along with their papers. In submitting a manuscript to ICVGIP, authors acknowledge that no paper substantially similar in content has been or will be submitted to another journal, or conference or workshop during the review period. In such a case the paper will be rejected without review. Papers must be electronically submitted before the deadline expires without exception.

Instructions for preparing manuscripts
  • You can download the latex template and the related files for preparing manuscript as a single zipped package from here (New Version. Last updated July 19, 2012). The package also includes an example pdf file containing formatting instructions.

  • A paper will not be considered for review if it exceeds eight pages in length (including all text, figures, and references).

  • The manuscript must be submitted in pdf format only and the size must not exceed 10MB 20MB.

  • Optional supplementary material containing images, movies and additional documents can be uploaded as a single .zip or .tgz archive. The size of the archive must not exceed 30MB.

  • Since the review process is double blind, the identity of the authors must not be revealed either directly or indirectly anywhere in the manuscript or the supplementary material. Also, please name your manuscript pdf file and other files in the supplementary material in a manner that does not reveal the authors' identity. In the provided LaTeX template the authors should not fill their names when submitting the paper for review.

  • The paper ID must be included in the manuscript before uploading it on the portal. Instructions on acquiring the paper ID are provided below.

  • Use a proper tool to convert the resulting source into a pdf document that has only scalable fonts with all fonts embedded.

  • The images embedded in the paper must not contain transparent pixels (i.e., an alpha-channel of a transparent color) since this could lead to problems when displaying or printing the pdf.

  • The pdf manuscript must not have Adobe Document Protection or Document Security enabled.

Instructions for uploading manuscripts
  • There is no offline submission. All manuscripts must be submitted at the Microsoft CMT submission portal on or before paper deadline. The portal can be accessed from here.

  • Before uploading the manuscript the author must create an account by registering/signing-up at the portal. The authors will need to enter their contact details and affiliations while registering. Once an account is created you can login to the system and enter the author console, where you can create a new submission, or view and edit an existing submission.

  • When accessing the account for the first time, the author will be asked to provide conflict domains, without which he/she will not be able to create or edit submissions.

  • While creating a new submission the author will be asked to provide the paper title, abstract, subject areas and details of the co-authors (if any).

  • We recommend that the paper title and abstract are submitted early so that we can start planning the reviewers for the paper in time.

  • To acquire the paper ID when creating a new submission, the authors should click the submit button on the same page where they will provide the title, abstract and subject areas. Note that authors do not need to upload the manuscript to acquire the ID. Authors will be re-directed to the author console, where they will find their paper ID. This ID must be entered in the manuscript (in the space provided below the title), which can then be uploaded by editing the paper submission from the author console.

  • Once the manuscript is uploaded, the submission procedure is complete except for the optional supplementery material.

  • Please note that the submission deadline, i.e., Aug 7, 2012, 23:59 GMT will be strictly followed. However, the optional supplementary material can be uploaded till 24 hours after the final deadline.

  • A single account can be used for submitting multiple papers. The above procedure has to be repeated for each new submission.

  • Authors can edit manuscript-related information and re-upload the pdf manuscript any number of times before the paper submission deadline, by editing the paper submission on the author console.

  • Authors can use the reset password link on the CMT portal in case they lose their password.

  • The co-author accounts are created if their email ids are included during any paper submission by the corresponding author. Co-authors can access their account by resetting their password using the reset password link. This enables them to view, edit and create submissions.

  • Reviewers and chairs need not create a separate author account. They can choose their role as author from their account itself.