The Eighth Indian Conference on
Vision, Graphics and Image Processing

16th to 19th December, 2012

Instructions for Preparing Posters

  • Posters should be of A0 (1189mm x 841mm or 46.81in x 33.11in) size.

  • Posters must be formatted in a landscape orientation.

  • Posters must succintly and clearly convey the idea of your work. Please ensure that all your fonts are legible and images are clear when viewed from distances of approximately 2ft from the poster.

Instructions for the Poster Spotlight Presentation

The Poster Spotlight sessions will take place on 17th and 18th December, 3:00pm-3:30pm. Please take a moment to find out which session you are in based on the schedule on the conference web page.

During this session, each spotlight presenter will have 60 (=53+7) seconds to summarize her work enabling everyone to be ready for the actual exhibit of the poster (immediately after the spotlight presentation). Participation in the Poster Spotlight session is mandatory; every poster must be represented.

In the following paragraphs presentation preparation details, general guidelines and submission procedures are described. Authors are requested to follow the instructions strictly. Submissions that do not adhere to the instructions will be removed from the Spotlight.

Use your time wisely. While humor is always appreciated, you do yourself a disservice as an author if people don't get a good idea of what your poster is about from your spotlight presentation. This will be the first impression that viewers will have about your poster, so make sure your take-home message adequately represents your work.

Spotlight Presentation Preparation
  • Prepare your presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. There is no opportunity to use any other format, so please do not ask. Due to AV restrictions, aspect ratio should be standard 4:3.

  • Presentation should be prepared using the template available here.

  • Every slide should be automatically timed. Slides should automatically move from one to the next. Total presentation time should be 53 seconds or less. Presentations that last longer than 53 seconds will be truncated; kindly make sure therefore that the presentation is not more than 53 seconds.

  • Title slide with author names will be added on your behalf. The title slide will play for 7 seconds. You will occupy the podium when the title slide is being displayed. You may start speaking as soon as your name appears, or wait till your first slide shows up. 5. Audio is welcome. If you use audio in your slides, please have it in MP3 format.

  • Video files are also welcome, these should be in WMV format exclusively; please do not use QuickTime (.mov) formats for your video, since unfortunately these will not play in PowerPoint running on Windows. Other formats have caused crashes in the past, so we need to stress that the format be the Windows-native WMV.

  • When importing video, please make sure to select the option "Start Playing Automatically", when prompted.

  • Please remember that neither video nor audio files should be embedded in the PowerPoint file, they should be linked, so they must reside in the same directory as the presentation (PPT) file. Do not forget to upload your media files along with the presentation.

  • Also please remember that image files, on the other hand, DO get embedded, so there is no need to include these separately.

  • If you plan to include mathematical equations, you may consider embedding them as images and not active objects, since font discrepancies may cause parts or all of your equations to be shifted or entirely changed in some cases.

  • If you change any fonts or layout on the slides they will simply be changed back when we get them and reapply the template. Do not change any of the layout, it will just cause problems later.

  • More generally, we suggest that when introducing regular text you use only the standard fonts that ship with Windows. If you wish to use any fonts other than those standards in Windows (US), e.g., scientific or non-Roman characters of any kind, you should convert the text to an image and then embed the image in place of the text. Please remember that although you might be able to see your equations properly, they may not show on another computer.

Spotlight Presentation Logistics
  • The authors will be queued up before the Spotlight to prevent loss of time.

  • There will be a keyboard and mouse on stage, but we strongly suggest that you do notplan to use either of them.

  • In order to provide the best experience for attendees, we recommend that you rehearse your presentation many times before the event, so as to get familiarized to the timings. We cannot overestimate the number many.

  • As with any ICVGIP presentation, all of your slide materials must respect copyrights for all content: music, images and video (This is important. We cannot show copyrighted material during the Spotlight without permissions).

  • Although you may also create your slides on other software, you should save your slides in Windows PowerPoint format, and we strongly suggest that you test your presentation on a computer running PowerPoint 2007 on Windows before you submit your files. Where possible, it is suggested that you create your presentation directly on PowerPoint, since changes in format when converting from one version to another are unhappily frequent.

  • Again, we suggest that, whether or not you create and test your presentation on PowerPoint on your computer, you still try it on yet another computer running PowerPoint 2007, just to make sure it's running properly on more than one computer.

Spotlight Presentation Submission
  • The deadline for the submission of Spotlight slides is December 12, 11:59 GMT. All of your files - PPT, WMVs (if any) and MP3s (if any) - should be included in one ZIP file. Media files from all presentations will be placed in a single folder to create the final presentation. Hence, name your media files using your poster ID to avoid file name conflicts. This zip file will be the one file to upload to the CMT. If, however, you only have a PowerPoint file with no audio or video, you may upload that single file unzipped.

  • Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10MB.

  • To submit, log on to Microsoft CMT Portal select Author Console, look for presentations (‘Edit’), fill in your abstract, upload your “zip” file. Make sure you “Save Changes”. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at icvgip12.spotlight@gmail.com