Compiler Publications

 1. Uday Khedker, Dhananjay Dhamdhere, Alan Mycroft
         Bidirectional data flow analysis for type inferencing,
         Computer Languages, Systems and Structures, vol.29, 1-2, (2003), 15-44.

 2. Dhananjay M Dhamdhere
        E-path PRE---partial redundancy elimination made easy,
         ACM SIGPLAN Notices, vol.37, 8 (2002), 53-65 + Corrigendum in a later issue.
          Paper incoporating corrigendum  

 3. Dhanajay M Dhamdhere, Gururaja K, Prajakta G Ganu
         A compact execution history for dynamic slicing,
         Information Processing Letters, vol. 85, number 3 (14 February 2003), 145-152.
          Full paper  

 4. U.P. Khedker, D.M. Dhamdhere
         Bidirectional data flow analysis: Myths and Reality,
         ACM SIGPLAN Notices, vol.34, 6, (1999), 47-57.
          Abstract   Full paper  

 5. D.M. Dhamdhere, K.V. Sankaranarayanan
         Debugging of optimized programs.
         ACM Transactions on Programming Languages & Systems, vol.20 (1998), 1111-1130.
          Abstract   Full paper  

 6. V.M. Dhaneshwar, D.M. Dhamdhere
         Strength reduction of large expressions,
         Journal of Programming Languages, vol. 3 (1995), 95-120.
          Abstract   Full paper  

 7. U.P. Khedker, D.M. Dhamdhere
         A generalized theory of bit vector data flow analysis,
         ACM Transactions on Programming Languages & Systems, vol.16, 5 (Sept. 1994), 1472-1511.
          Abstract   Full paper  

 8. D.M. Dhamdhere, U.P. Khedker
         Complexity of bidirectional data flows,
         Proceedings of Twentieth annual symposium on the Principles of Programming Languages,
         Charleston, South Carolina, January 1993, 397-408.
          Abstract   Full paper  

 9. D.M. Dhamdhere, H. Patil
        An elimination algorithm for bi-directional data flow problems using edge placement,
        ACM Transactions on Programming Languages & Systems, vol. 15 (1993), 312-336.

 10. D.M. Dhamdhere, B.K. Rosen, F.K. Zadeck
        How to analyze large programs efficiently and informatively,
        Proceedings of SIGPLAN'92 Programming Language Design and Implementation,
        San Francisco, June 1992, 212-223.

 11. D.M. Dhamdhere
        Practical adaptation of Global Optimisation Algorithm by Morel & Renvoise,
        ACM Transactions on Programming Languages & Systems, vol.13, no.2 (1991), 291-294.

 12. A. Balachandran, D.M. Dhamdhere, S. Biswas
        Efficient retargetable code generation using bottom-up tree pattern matching,
        Computer Languages, vol.15, no.3 (1990), 127-140.
 Full paper  

13. D.M. Dhamdhere
        A usually linear algorithm for register assignment using edge placement of Load and Store instructions,
        Computer Languages, vol.15, no.2 (1990), 83-94.

14. D.M. Dhamdhere
        A fast algorithm for code movement optimisation,
        SIGPLAN notices, vol.23, no.10(1988), 172-180.

15. D.M. Dhamdhere
        Register assignment using code placement techniques,
        Computer Languages, vol.13, no.2 (1988), 75-93.

16. D.M. Dhamdhere
        A new algorithm for composite hoisting and strength reduction optimization,
        International Journal of Computer Mathematics, vol.27, no.1 (1989), 1-14.

17. D.M. Dhamdhere, J.S. Keith
        Characterisation of program loops in code optimization,
        Computer Languages,  vol.8, no.2 (1983), 69-76.
 Full paper  

18. S.M. Joshi, D.M. Dhamdhere
        A composite hoisting-strength reduction transformation for global program optimization,
        International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Parts I & II,
        vol.11, no.1 (1982), 21-41 &  no. 2 (1982) 111-126.

19. D.M. Dhamdhere, J.R. Isaac
         A composite algorithm for strength reduction and code movement optimisation,
         International Journal of Computers and Information Sciences,
         vol.9, no.3 (1980), 243-73.

20. D.M. Dhamdhere
        On algorithms for operator strength reduction,
        Communications of ACM, vol.22, no.5 (May 79), 311-312.

Other publications

Journal & Conference papers

1. D.M. Dhamdhere, S.R. Iyer and E.K.K. Reddy,
       Distributed termination detection of dynamic systems,
       Parallel Computing, Vol 22, No 14 (1997), pp 2025-2045.
          Abstract   Paper    Figs  

2.  D. M. Dhamdhere, S. S. Kulkarni
        A token based k-resilient mutual exclusion algorithm for distributed systems,
        Information Processing  Letters, 50 (1994), 151-157.
          Abstract   Full paper  

3.  B. Sheth, D.M. Dhamdhere
        A two-level scheme for termination detection,
        Sixth Canadian Supercomputing Conference, Fredericton, June  1991.

4.  D. M. Dhamdhere, M. K. Garg
        IITFORT - A single pass compiler system,
        CSI Communications, vol. 18 (1980),27-35.

5.  D. M. Dhamdhere
        Software development in a University environment,
        CSI Communications, vol. 18 (1980),15-27.

6.  D. M. Dhamdhere
        Powai-DOS : An optimised operating system for EC series computers,
        CSI Communications, vol. 16 (1978).

Significant technical reports

1.  D. M. Dhamdhere,
        Effective execution histories for debugging and dynamic slicing, 2001.

2.  D. M. Dhamdhere and S. Joshi,
        Debugging of Optimized programs using execution histories, 2000.

3.  A. Kundu and D. M. Dhamdhere,
        Partial redundancy elimination in SSA form of programs, 2000.

4.  V. D. Pandit and D. M. Dhamdhere,
        Self-stabilizing maxima finding on general graphs, 1999.

5.  K. V. Raghavan and D. M. Dhamdhere,
        Attributed tree pattern matching, 1997.

6.  U. P. Khedker and D. M. Dhamdhere,
        Incremental data flow analysis for bi-directional flows, 1996.

7.  D. M. Dhamdhere and S. U. Bose,
        Register allocation via live range confinement, 1996.

8.  A. Balachandran, D.M. Dhamdhere, A.A. Diwan and S. Biswas,
        Optimal code generation for expression trees in pipelined environments, 1989.

9.  D. M. Dhamdhere and Bharat Shyam,
        A new priority based distributed deadlock detection algorithm using probes, 1989.