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Work: A202 Rekhi Bldg, CSE Dept, IIT Campus
Postal: Mumbai 400076, India
Voice: 91-22-25767726
Fax: 91-22-25720022
Lab: (ViGIL) 4709
Dynamic Radiosity
Pre-deep-learning-era demos

Hello, I'm a faculty member at IIT Bombay (more on my previous life appears here).

Contacting me: Please visit this page (see office hours). Please read this page if you are a student and not a student from IITB.
Directions appear here.

Research: I have worked in, roughly speaking, two areas relating to Computers: Graphics, and Vision along with my students and staff. Follow this (sorry, old, dated) for some papers. Check out some of my (again older) talks too if you have time. You may also want to look at some infrequently updated publications, and the aforementioned talks and papers (check out the abstract to figure out what is going on).

Behavioral Animation
Dynamic Radiosity
Image Rotation

Teaching: I am teaching Computer Vision cum Lab this semester. This course is a "second" level course past Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing with any CSE student audience (see details in link).

Courses I have offered in the past include (all course notes work under the Creative Commons model): CS101: Basic freshman programming , Software Systems, Parallel Programming Paradigms (PPP), Math for Visual Computing, Graphics I, Multimedia Systems, Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Graphics II, Digital Signal Processing, Algorithms, Spatial Data Structures, Multimedia (in distance mode), and (in the era when HTML did not exist) Data Structures and Algorithms, and Advanced Computer Graphics.

Digital Signal Processing
Digital Image Processing

Postgraduate students: What courses should you attend, and what kind of project work would you do in this area?

Project: One way to figure out what kind of projects you might do with me is to look at the recent students who have worked with me. (For example, you probably want to talk to my current Ph.D students and see their work.)

For seminar and projects policies, please refer to the ViGIL group presentation, and don't forget to visit this page.

Courses: Your choice, really but these are some courses that I like to recommend. You can register for any course in CS, EE or Math, but you take 3 courses + seminar in the first sem + a lab, 4 courses in the second semester, and 2 in the third semester. Note that you can substitute one course by a R&D project in the second semester.

Odd semester: CS475/CS675 (Open GL based Basic Graphics); CS663 (Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing). CS 740 (Math for Visual Computing). These are pre-requisites for the even semester courses.
Even semester: CS775 (Advanced Computer Graphics); CS763 (Computer Vision). CS 736 Algorithms for Medical Image Processing; CS 749 Digital Geometry Processing. CS 754 Advanced Image Processing

Subset of recent admin/service work (see Cartoon ):     DUGC         PMRF scheme at IITB

Past admin/service work:

Bye now -- gotta run :-) Sharat