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  • Recent GR on M&E of rural drinking water by colleges. GR (in marathi), GR (unoffical english translation),
  • CM meeting on 23rd March, 2015: concept note, CM meeting presentation and resulting GR. CMO concept note, CM's meeting presentation, GR, English version,
  • Meeting at COEP with other college representatives. coep,
  • Field visit to Parbhani District in April, 2015 to study Jal yukta Shivar villages. prabhani JYS. A more thorough analysis of Pedgaon is planned and here is the letter of authority. pdf,
  • Talk at TISS-Rajasthan-Livelihoods Workshop, Feb. 26th, 2015. link, Indrayani's M.Tech. thesis, link, and presentation link.
  • AICTE set up a committee in October 2014 to review its working and to recommend reform. My submission to the AICTE Review Committee, (note) , a brief presentation, if you dont want to read the note, (pdf) , (The ACT itself) , (The Terms of Reference of the review) . You may send in your own submissions to
  • The University and The Development Agenda, A note to define a new role for the university, October, 2014 (in EPW, March 2015). (pdf) . Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, a related program from MHRD. link. framework.
  • The TEQIP Water Workshop, A meeting of 17 institutions of Maharashtra to (i) discuss the role of the new engineer, (ii) to establish drinking water as a research area. September, 2014. (link)
  • Knowledge, Society and Global Order, Talk at the Zakir Hussain Center, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 26th September, 2014. (abstract) (presentation)
  • The Elite University-Are We Too Selective? Joint CTARA-CSE talk given at IIT Bombay on 31st January, 2014. (abstract) (working paper) (presentation) (video)
  • Market Games-an analysis of markets from a game theoretic viewpoint. (abstract) (presentation)
  • A philosophy of knowledge and practice for India as a developing nation (manuscript). (pdf) shorter version which appeared in Seminar (pdf)
  • The Technology and Development Consultancy Cell proposal (link) and its mini-governing-note (pdf)

    CTARA and development stuff

  • Presentation on Engineering, Society and Research, 3rd July and then on 14th July, 2012. pdf. and on You-tube here. Knowledge society version (12th August 2012) pdf.
  • Review of the July 2012 World Bank Urban Water Report (EPW December 2012) (pdf)
  • The "Research in Rural Development Fellowship" Concept Note (Feb. 2013) pdf and presentation pdf . pdf The MoU between CTARA and MoRD, GoI.
  • The "Development Professionals" Concept Note. pdf and presentation pdf
  • My water research page has been re-organized. link,
  • Temporary Home for Thane Drinking Water project link , a sampler pdf and a presentation intended for GoM pdf
  • CTARA Vision/Values, August 2011, IIT Bombay. and ITRA/Media-Labs Asia, New Delhi, 29th Sept. 2011
  • The M.Tech/Ph.D Admissions 2012 admissions day presentation. and welcome presentation (2011).
  • CTARA now offers projects for UGs. Details. A manual on Why and How to do TDSL is here.

    Engineering Education in IIT

  • Submission to TEQIP Gujarat on extension, curricula and R&D suited for national and regional needs (August 2013). pdf
  • Presentation on Engineering, Society and Research, 3rd July and then on 14th July, 2012. pdf
  • Opinion: Engineering R&D at the IITs and its impact on India, appeared in Current Science, June 2012, pdf
  • Head's Meeting presentation (5th Feb. 2011)
  • Institute Faculty Meeting Presentation (14th Nov. 2007)
  • Letter to graduating students (2000 batch) in department magazine.

    Mathematical Modelling (New Course)

  • 2013 description
  • official proposal to Senate
  • link

    Data Analysis and Interpretation (part I of TD604)

  • link

    Water Resources R&D

  • Part II of TD 603: Water Science
  • Various presentations on current research link, and old link: link

    Game Theory R&D

    (with B. Adsul, J. Garg and Ruta Mehta and others)

  • Exchange Markets-Strategy meets Supply-Awareness, with Ruta Mehta, In WINE 2013 pdf.
  • Rank-1 Bi-matrix Games: A Homeomorphism and a Polynomial Time Algorithm In the proceedings of STOC 2011.
  • Nash Equilibria in Fisher Market, In the proceedings of SAGT 2010.
  • A Simplex-like Algorithm for Fisher Markets.
    In the proceedings of SAGT 2010.

    IC 102: Data Interpretation and Analysis

  • Web Resources

    Course TD 608 : Development Project Formulation and Analysis

  • Lecture 1
  • Lecture 2
  • Lecture 2.5
  • Lecture 3
  • Discussion
  • A Water Story
  • Jal-Swarajya review
  • Lecture 4
  • Lecture 5
  • Lecture 6
  • Lecture 7
  • Lecture 8
  • Discussion
  • The MWRRA 2009 tariff document summary.

    CS407 Digital Signal Processing

    Check dams in Karjat Taluka

  • Presentation to CSE MTech Admissions 2010

    Some Research Papers

    Computer Aided Geometric Design and Graphics Lab

    UG joining 2003

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  • BTP allotments (Lap 1)
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  • BTech Students needing help with fixing PT
  • DD Students doing mini-P in summer as well

    CS207 Discrete Structures