Discrete Structures

Lecture hours: Mon 09:30am -- 10:25am,
Tue 10:35am -- 11:30am,
Thu 11:35am -- 12:30pm
Office hours: Wed 11:00am -- 12:30pm
Location: LCC 32
Instructor: Nutan Limaye (firstname[AT]cse[DOT]iitb[DOT]ac[DOT]in)

Lecture notes

The course is divided into 4 modules.

Module 1

Mathematical Reasoning and Mathematical Objects [slides]

Module 2

Combinatorics [slides]

Module 3

Graph Theory [slides]

Module 4

Abstract Algebra [slides]

Tutorials, Quizes, and Exams

Tutorials 1-6 [PDF]

Quizes 1,3,4 (Quiz 2 was online) [PDF]

Midsem [PDF]

Endsem [PDF]