Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture

A Collaboration Between

Govt. of Maharashtra and IIT Bombay

Principal Investigator - Prof. Milind Sohoni (CSE)

Co-Principal Investigator - Prof. Priya Jadhav (CTARA)


IIT-PoCRA Official Presentations/Documents

  • IITB-PoCRA MoU III - 2nd Nov 2019 pdf
  • IITB-PoCRA MoU II Closure report - 1st Dec 2019 pdf

    Phase I

  • Inception Report (10th February, 2020) pdf

    Phase II

  • Phase III Report (1st June, 2020) pdf
  • Dashboard Integration Note pdf

    PoCRA - MOU II

    IIT-PoCRA Official Presentations/Documents

  • IITB-PoCRA MoU II- 2nd Nov 2018 pdf
  • MoU I Closure Report pdf
  • Overall PoCRA Presentation (MoUI)- World Bank Meeting - 6th December'18 pdf
  • Overall PoCRA Presentation (MoU II)- World Bank Meeting - 6th December'18 pdf

    Phase I

  • Village Water Balance Visual Representation Design Paradgaonpage1 Paradgaonpage2 Chart English version
  • Procedure for Preparation fo Village Water Balance Chart - 11th December'18 pdf
  • Database Formulation for Water balance in postgress - Report - 11th Jan'19 pdf
  • DPR Assessment Checklist - 18th January'19 pdf
  • Water Allocation Methodology Version I - Report - 9th February'19 pdf
  • Report on Soil Texture Data Analysis and Validation - Report - 10th Feb'19 pdf
  • Report on Mahabhulekh Cropping Data Analysis and its Integartion with Cadastral shapfile - 10th Feb'19 pdf
  • Presentation two month update MoU II (Water Allocation part) - 25th February'19 pdf

    Phase II

  • Presentation Phase II Delivery - Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (Village and Farmer level Sampling methodology with key indicators and measurement process) - 24th April'19 pdf
  • Resilience through improving access to water for Agriculture,SDAO Training - Yashada, Pune (Linkages for Water Balance - planning at community level - Role of Government, example case studies)- 2nd May'19 pdf
  • Beneficiary Prioritization Methodology for PoCRA (This document provides intervention wise guidelines for beneficiary prioritization) - 20th April'19 pdf
  • Documentation on Dashboard (GIS Dashboard for monitoring of bio-physical parameters in project area)- 20th April'19 pdf
  • Report on Regional Decomposition of Water Budget - 11th May 2019 pdf
  • Soil Sampling App Manual - 8th May 2019 pdf
  • Water Balance App Manual - 10th May 2019 pdf
  • Review of CCE and Yield Assessment - 10th May 2019 pdf
  • Report on Proposed M&E Framework - Village, Farmer Sampling Methodology, Water Productivity Measurement Method - 10th May'19 pdf
  • Method for computation of Refrence Evapotraspiration (PET) - 10th May pdf
  • Incorporation of Impact of Micro-irrigation on Crop Evapotraspiration - 10th May pdf

    Phase III

  • Ground Water Recharge Plan - GSDA review and requirement in PoCRA - 15th July'19 pdf
  • Observations and suggestions on Planning issues (Wardha Field visit) - 19th-20th July'19 pdf
  • Irrigaion modelling for Drip, sprinkler and flood irrigation scenarios (useful for computation of water productivity)- 31st July pdf
  • Phase III Delivery presentation - 28st August pdf
  • Dashboard definition document pdf
  • Stream proximity running procedure - 16th September'19 pdf
  • Presentation to World Bank on MoU II - 16th September'19 pdf
  • Presentation to World Bank on terms for MoU III - 16th September'19 pdf

    Phase IV

  • Overall MoU II presentation and update to PD Sir - 19th September'19 pdf
  • RAWE field work and training worksheet - 26th September'19 pdf
  • Soil and Water Conservation RAWE training manual - 26th September'19 pdf
  • PoCRA Water balance concept video link
  • Manual for Farm Level App version II (irrigation methods added, dynamic rainfall and ET0) - 30th October'19 pdf
  • Presentation on rabi crop advisory framework - 19th November'19 pdf
  • Surface and groundwater accounting framework V1- 1st November'19 pdf
  • Master Thesis - Swapnil Patil M.Tech CSE - 7th July 2019 pdf
  • MTech Thesis - Manasi Bhopale M.Tech CTARA - 1st july 2019 pdf

    PoCRA - MOU I

    IIT-PoCRA Official Presentations/Documents

  • Pre-Presentation - 17th May 2017 pdf
  • IITB-PoCRA MoU - 16th Aug. 2017 pdf
  • One Month Progress Presentation (Framework of water balance model)- 12th Sept. 2017 pdf
  • Two month Report -3rd Oct 2017 pdf
  • IITB-PoCRA Meeting ppt - 30th Nov. 2017 pdf
  • Plugin Description Document (Phase II Deliverable) - 19th Dec. 2017 pdf
  • Plugin Description Document (Phase III Deliverable) pdf
  • Plugin Description PPT (Technical description of QGIS single crop water balance plugin)- 22nd Jan. 2018 pdf
  • Technical Advisory Commitee Presentation (Water budgeting methodology and scope for refinement) - 6th Feb. 2018 pdf
  • PoCRA Water Budget Format with Examples - 25th Feb. 2018 (Marathi format with water budget computation guidelines) pdf
  • PoCRA Presentaton for Integration of PoCRA and JYS Budgets - 7th April. 2018 (Presentation for Agricultural Commmittee on Way forward for Water Budgeting) pdf
  • Water Budget and Planning presentation (Meeting - Scope for improvements) - 11th May 2018 pdf
  • Zoning Process Document pdf
  • Cropping pattern analysis document - Analysis of mahabhulekh and cadastral map cropping pattern data pdf
  • PoCRA Phase II MOU Pre-Presentation pdf
  • MOU Terms of References presentation 5th August 2018 pdf
  • SDAO Training Nagpur - Presentation 10th September 2018 (DPR Assessment and Planning) pdf
  • MTech Thesis - Sudhanshu Deshmukh M.Tech CSE - 1st july 2018 pdf

    IIT-PoCRA Training Documents

  • PoCRA Project Training of District-level officers - 2nd Nov. 2017 pdf
  • PoCRA Traning Presentation (DSAO Orientation Program) - 2nd November 2017 pdf
  • Training of village level staff - 25th Nov. 2017 pdf .
  • VSTF Training on Water Budget - 28th March 2018 pdf
  • PoCRA Water Budget App user guidelines in Marathi - 15th May 2018 pdf
  • Microplanning Agency Training on Water Budget - 22nd May 2018 pdf

    IIT-PoCRA Technical reports and Notes

  • Zonal Planning Framework (Need and description of zonal planning methodology) - 20th Jan. 2018 pdf
  • Karanja Cluster Field Report - 20th Jan. 2018 pdf
  • Zonal Planning PPT - 22nd Jan. 2018 pdf
  • ISSUES PPT (Scope for refinement of water budget plugin)- 6th Feb. 2018 pdf

    PoCRA documents

  • Project Implementation Plans (PoCRA DPR) pdf
  • YASHADA Micro-planning Framework pdf
  • Field-level Formats (YASHADA) pdf
  • Farmer survey format (Marathi) pdf
  • Farmer survey - cropping pattern (detailed questionaire) pdf

    GoM Datasets

  • Specific Yields (GSDA) xls
  • Observation wells water levels (GSDA) xls

    Important Links

  • Pocra Village Reports and Presentation here
  • Jalyukta Shivar resource page - JYS reports and documents are here
  • Pocra GIS Projects - sample GIS projects are here
  • MahaCensus GIS Project- Visit the MahaCensus Site here
  • Documents for Plugin - User Manuals and Technical Documents link
  • Farm Based Water Balance Android Application Version I - here
  • Soil Survey Android Application - here
  • PoCRA Water balance concept video link
  • Water Balance Charts link (water balance charts for PoCRA villages whose microplanning process is completed are available here) link
  • Point level plugin code with examples for smaller analysis (available for tweaking and usage) here
  • Farm Based Water Balance Android Application Version II - here



  • Parth Gupta: gupta.parth008 Shubhada Sali: shubhada201 Vidyadhar Konde: vidyadharkonde all at gmail.