Ajit A Diwan

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Powai, Mumbai 400076, India
Phone No: 5767720
E-mail: aad@cse.iitb.ac.in

Education and Career
Research Interests
Recent Publications
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Education and Career
     B.Tech - IIT Bombay, 1983
    Ph.D - TIFR Bombay, 1989
    Faculty in IIT Bombay since 1988
Research Interests
Graph theory, Combinatorics, Algorithms
Recent Publications
  1. Decomposing graphs with girth at least 5 under degree constraints, J. Graph Theory, Vol. 33(4), April 2000.
  2. Disconnected 2-factors in planar cubic bridgeless graphs, J. Combinatorial Theory, Ser B, Vol. 84(2), March 2002.
  3. Plane triangulations are 6-partitionable (with Manish P. Kurhekar), Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 256(1), September 2002.
  4. Degree condition for vertex-disjoint paths
  5. On 2-factors in powers of connected graphs (with Narendra Agarwal)
  6. Triangle-factors in powers of graphs (with Narendra Agarwal), presented at R. C. Bose Centenary Symposium, I.S.I, Dec 2002, Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 15
  7. Partitioning 2-connected graphs into connected subgraphs
  8. Coloured matchings in edge-coloured graphs (with Ch. Sobhan Babu)
  9. Red-Blue cliques in edge-coloured graphs
  10. A generalization of Mader's theorem
  11. Edge-disjoint paths with three terminals (with Namrata Tholiya)
  12. Non-separating trees in connected graphs(with Namrata Tholiya, revised version appears in Discrete Mathematics)
  13. Cycles of even lengths modulo k (revised version appears in Journal of Graph Theory)
  14. Balanced group-labeled graphs (with Manas Joglekar, Nisarg Shah)(revised version appears in Discrete Math.)
    Preliminary version presented at ICRTGC, Cochin 2010. Slides
  15. P_3-decomposition of Directed Graphs
  16. Decomposing semi-complete multigraphs and directed graphs into paths of length two
  17. Subdivisions of maximal 3-degenerate graphs of order d+1 in graphs of minimum degree d (revised version appears in Journal of Graph Theory).
  18. Explicit Δ-edge-coloring of consecutive levels in a divisor lattice(revised version appears in Discrete Mathematics).
  19. Another simple reformulation of the four color theorem
  20. Chords of 2-factors in planar cubic bridgeless graphs
Courses that I Generally offer
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Algorithms and Complexity
Discrete Structures
Applied Algorithms
Data Structures and Algorithms
Operations Research
Recent M.Tech projects
  1. Subdivisions of Graphs (Namrata Tholiya)
  2. 2-factors in powers of connected graphs (Narendra Agarwal)
  3. Partitioning a Graph into connected parts (Manish Kurhekar)
  4. Separating Matchings (Trivikram Nayak and Sobhan Babu)
  5. Minimum Level Graph Drawings (C.J.Cibu)
Ph.D students
  1. Upward Planar Drawings of Graphs (M. Chandramouli)
  2. Locally connected Planar Graphs (N. Usharani)
  3. Degree Conditions for Subgraphs (Ch. Sobhan Babu)